Statue of Oneness

Madhya Pradesh, Culture Department

Acharya Shankar Sanskritik Ekta Nyas

Statue of Oneness

Acharya Shankar Sanskritik Ekta Nyas is a registered trust with the government established in the year 2017-18 under the article - 4 of the Madhya Pradesh Public Trust Act, 1951. The Honorable Chief Minister of the state is the presiding Chairman of this trust including fourteen other trustees. Primarily based in Bhopal to continue organizing main activities related to the promotion of Advaita Vedant by creating a synergy of thoughts, actions and activities, ASSENYAS envisages reaching out to a larger number of people in a conducive way. The trust was formed with the principle objective of establishing a multi-structure complex where a statue dedicated to the epitome of cultural unity, Sri Adi Shankaracharya in Omkareshwar along with other necessary public activities centers will be constructed, supervised and managed. Besides, the trust will also coordinate with the concerned departments for the construction of approach roads to Omkareshwar and henceforth, for their maintenance. The trust is also envisioned to have a space in the complex where laser, light & sound based shows motivated by the life, teachings and philosophy of Shankaracharya can be shown to large masses. A museum exhibiting the aspects related to Shankaracharya's life along with the exemplary exhibits showcasing the different facets of Advait Vedant will also be constructed within. To fulfil another main objective of promoting activities related to Advaita philosophy and mutual exchange of ideas through MICE activities at national and international level, an institute will also be formed and run by the trust in Omkareshwar where all facilities supported by advanced technologies and services will be provided for study and research. Thus, the trust will ensure the accomplishment of all its objectives and will also not shy away to seek appropriate and relevant support at all levels including private sector.

A Brief Introduction

India, as we see it today, is the longest thriving civilization nourished by the great contributions of numerous great seers & sages who enriched and revived the cultural and spiritual essence of Bharat. Acharya Shankar or Adi Jagadguru Shankaracharya is one such immaculate personality in the great tradition of Sanatan Dharma. Born in Kerala and educated in Omkareshwar, Shankaracharya worked for the whole undivided India to revive Sanatan Dharma and Indian culture from distortions and conflicts of the then existing society. He preached the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta, wrote commentaries on Vedantic scriptures and sanitized Hinduism by intellectual discourses, shāstrārth across India in such a short span of his life of barely 32 years. Acharya Shankar should be celebrated; and the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta expounded by him be popularized among the masses in these modern times when the human life and thoughts have become the mere rendition of stress and desperation. In this regard, the Government of Madhya Pradesh is committed to celebrate Acharya Shankar and popularize his works among the masses. For the fulfilment of such a pious objective, Acharya Shankar Sanskritik Ekta Nyas under the auspices of Dept. of Culture, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh is working in the service of Acharya Shankar for the past two years with some ambitious projects at Omkareshwar - jñāna-bhumi of Acharya Shankar.

Other Objectives

The main objective of the Nyas is to disseminate and popularize Advaita Vedanta as expounded by Acharya Shankar who undoubtedly revived and unified the then existing Sanatan culture with the aim of creating a better human being, society, nation, world and eventually better mankind. Apart from these mentioned objectives, the Trust also aims to - i) Install a 108 ft. high metallic statue of Acharya Shankar, ii) Create a museum based on his life, teachings and philosophy, iii) Depict quintessential aspects related to him and his philosophy in interesting ways through light & sound shows, water shows & other multimedia presentations, iv) establish Acharya Shankar International Institute of Advaita Vedanta which will be the epicentre for all research and studies focusing on Advaita Vedanta.


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